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 The Artist of AISS Creative Award 2020 or #AACA20 by Aspiration International Secondary School has managed to garner over 100 registrations. 


We have young people from all over Malaysia, 
as far east as Sabah,
as far north as Kedah and 
as far south as Johor, 

from 14th April to 21st May 2020, putting their hearts and souls into their artwork because they wanted to bring Malaysians (and all people from our planet) together, to bring much-needed positivity, light and hope during these dark times.


One People. One Nation. One Planet Against Covid-19


The excitement is over and the time has come to announce the results! 

However! There is a change as we will announce the winners in two parts!


#AACA20 Result Announcement Part 1 – Monday 8th June 2020 at 8 pm – for the 10th to the 4th place winners.


#AACA20 Result Announcement Part 2 – Sunday 14th June 2020 at 8 pm – for the top three winners!


Who will be the Artist of AISS 2020?

We shall find out soon enough!

Stay tuned! Here, exclusively, at this website! See you soon!

Team #AACA20


Click here to see the announcement of the winners!


Note: The order of these highlights are randomly chosen and are not related to the judging process

Leong Yeow Shing

Ng Sherlyn



Rey Ng Kar Lit

Siah Pei Shan

Nufail Althamis

Ummi Hani

Hii Mao Xing

Nacchammai Seetha

Kartigayen Naidu

Caleb Fung


Yap Yee Xen

Chloe Saw Hui Min

Christa Vrodice

Rex Ng Kar Hen

Ong Li Wen

Raymond Lo

Aidan Teo

Natalie Tan

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