Alice Through the Looking Glass Charity Show

Aspiration is so thrilled and excited to bring you our version of Alice Through the Looking Glass! This theatre performance features our students as live performers and members of the ensemble. Together with the entire crew, we bring you a show to remember.

The Show

Putting together a student-performance of this nature is rewarding on so many levels. The Performing Arts Society is a platform for students to develop their skills as performers, collaboration skills, organisational competence and leadership qualities.

These young people have so much energy and this charity show is an avenue for them to channel their energy towards something very positive. 


Aspiration Moments

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Our Mission

The performance does not only impact the school but also the community as two specially selected charity organisations will be the beneficiary of the show. Aspiration is honoured to channel the proceeds to National Cancer Society of Malaysia and National Autism Society of Malaysia.

Our Featured Charity

The National Cancer Society Malaysia

Established in 1966, National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) is the first not-for-profit cancer organisation in Malaysia that provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer in Malaysia.

For Cancer Information and Support, please call 1-800-88-1000 or email

The National Autism Society of Malaysia

The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) is a society formed in 1986 by a group of parents and professionals with the aim to deliver lifespan services to the community of persons with autism.

For more information about NASOM, visit their website or email to

Bold Print

Core Builders Sdn Bhd

Science Bridge Academy

Cardboard Country

INTI College

Horus Premium Tint / Detailing Studio

Alice Though the Looking Glass Charity Show - Sponsors

Big thanks to our sponsors for supporting the success of Aspiration International School's 'Alice Through the Looking Glass Charity Show'. Your generosity has made a significant impact, bringing joy to our community and supporting vital causes. Together, we're shaping a brighter future! Towards Better Things!

NameAmount (RM)
Bold Print2000
Core Builders Sdn Bhd1600
Science Bridge Academy1500
Cardboard Country1200
INTI College1000
Horus Premium Tint / Detailing Studio1000
Ng Thiam Lai1000
Andrew Kee1000
Tan V-Leon1000
Sunway College600
Anonymous (1264)600
Evoresource Outsourcing Sdn Bhd500
Tan Teong Cheok500
GCG Consultancy500
Jason Oon400
Best Osteo Sdn Bhd400
Aw Sau Hoong300
Costume World250
Amy Soh200
Lepak n Learn200
Grace Tan200
Jo Loo Resources100
Melissa Gedion100
Tee Geok Hong100
Wong Soon Foong100
Lau Meng Lye100
Wu Pharmacy100
Ong Say Yem100
Syarikat Ampang Electronics100
R. Ganeson100
Lim Pei Li100
Tan Kar Seng100
Leong Lai Wah100
Tan Beng Teik100
Tan Swee Ha100
Sun Boys Apparel100
Tricomas Marketing Sdn Bhd100

The Cast


Jia Wei



Iracebeth (Red Queen)

Mya Rania

Mirana (White Queen)










Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Clailre & Ju Liet

King & Queen

Hayley & Qui Dan

Mr & Mrs Hightopp

Dylan & Heaven

Mr Charles kingsleigh


Mrs Helen Kingsleigh


Seaperson 1 & 2

Shayn & Eli Teoh




Kaeden & Jared

The Music Ensemble

Led by Mr Muhammad Andri bin Arshad,
Mr Ali Ak'bar Bin Nazari, Mr Tan Hock Man and Ms Cathy Siew

Our Target

Total Donation Collected​

RM 0

Thank you for supporting our show and Aspiration is honoured to channel the proceeds to National Cancer Society of Malaysia and National Autism Society of Malaysia. 

aspiration's breaking news

Alice Through the Looking Glass Charity Show Makes Headlines!

The event not only showcased the remarkable talent and creativity of the school’s students but also served as a powerful reminder of the collective impact that can be achieved through collaboration and compassion. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to support a common cause, the ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass Charity Show’ has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who attended, inspiring a renewed sense of hope and unity within the community.


Aspiration’s Alice Through The Looking Glass has finally come to an end
— we hope you’ve enjoyed the show and will support us again in the future!

The journey seemed impossible, but as Alice Kingsleigh likes to say,
To achieve the impossible, we first need to believe it is possible!.
It sure works every time.

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