AISS' Academic Consultant, Mr Andrew Webber, has been selected to be one of the panellists of an upcoming forum titled 'Dealing with Device Addiction' He will be offering his views on the subject from an educator's perspective. With more than 30 years of teaching under his belt and nearly 20 years at the school management level, Mr Andrew would have dealt with device addiction among students. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the

In AISS, we have the mentoring programme where there is peer-to-peer tutoring. Students who are finding difficulty in some subjects are carefully matched with other students who can provide the academic support. We started off Term 3 ONSITE and went into MCO after only a few days of onsite schooling. The mentors and mentees met online for tutoring sessions. The mentors were given the target of conducting 5 hours of mentoring sessions. Mentors that have completed the target: 1)

Claire Foo has been selected to be one of the panellists of an upcoming forum titled 'Dealing with Device Addiction' She will be offering her views on the subject from a student's perspective. Here are some facts about Claire: - National Chess Player - AISS' Chess Ambassador - High Academic Achiever - Year 11 Student Representative - Student Council Member Last but not least, she is an avid gamer herself. It will be interesting to see what she brings to the table

The School holiday is around the corner and we want to invite your child to learn together with us. Join us for FREE trial lessons and experience learning with our teaching faculty. Your child will also be eligible to take the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) and New Group Spelling Test (NGST) from GL Assessment. Valid until 15th Sept 2021 Fill up our get-to-know-you form ( and we will get in touch with you to start

Despite the severe disruption brought on by the pandemic, the students of AISS have performed very well in the May June 2021 exam series. Here are our Top 3 academic scorers. Congratulations to them! How do we achieve this? The answer lies in the School culture, stable and dedicated teaching faculty, exam preparation regimen and determination of our students. Congratulations once again and all the best in your future endeavours! Towards Better Things!