CCA Math Olympiad

Time: 1.15 – 2.45pm [ Friday ]

Ngai Yin Yin

  • B. Sc (Hons) in Mathematics, University of Malaya
  • 14 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School

“Mathematical Olympiad has been widely practised in some countries due to the following characteristics:
- the wide range of topics that link mathematics to everyday events,
- the witty and tricky nature of the problems that bring out the best in the students’ thinking skills and creative imagination,
- encourages students to use more than one method to solve the problems, thus stimulating them to think outside the box,
- the students will be equipped with abundant resources to devise their own methods in problem-solving due to the extensive training and exposure.”

Week 1 : The Story of Gauss

Week 2 : The Story of Gauss

Week 3 : The Chicken-and-Rabbit Problem

Week 4 : The Chicken-and-Rabbit Problem

Week 5 : Tricks in Addition and Subtraction

Week 6 : Tricks in Multiplication and Division

Week 7 : Logic

Week 8 : Logic

Week 9 : Counting

Week 10 : Counting

Week 11 : Problems on Journeys

Week 12 : Problems on Journeys