CCA Public Speaking

Time:  4.15pm – 5.45pm [ Wednesday ]

Teng Jun Minn

  • Public Speaking Coach at MicFront Academy
  • BA (HONS) in Mass Communication
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • To instil self-confidence and empower the younger generation to be our future leaders.

"Do you want to learn the skills involved in running a meeting? Want to master the different roles involved in achieving a successful discussion? Join our session for a session steered by students, constructive feedback, and improving public speaking skills."

Week 1 : Introduction to Group Meetings

Week 2 : Discourse on Education

Week 3 : Discourse on Celebrations in Malaysia

Week 4 : Discourse on Memories

Week 5 : Discourse on Family

Week 6 : Discourse on Health

Week 7 : Discourse on Psychology

Week 8 : Discourse on Appreciation

Week 9 : Discourse on Friends

Week 10 : Discourse on Sports

Week 11 : Discourse on Travel

Week 12 : Discourse on Hobbies