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Education is what school is all about. At AISS we value education inside the classrooms and outside classrooms through the Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). 


Here you can discover all about how we value education and examinations – also for private candidates!

Exam Centre

Aspiration International Secondary School (AISS) is an official Cambridge examination centre and internal students, as well as private candidates, can register and take their exam at our TTDI campus.


The approach to teaching and learning needs a dramatic paradigm shift. The learners of today have these characteristics: Impatient, Craving for Knowledge, Social Learners, Independent Learners, Easily Distracted, etc. 

At AISS, we recognise this and we employ this philosophy into our learning framework.

Education Philosophy

Learning the core subjects is an important factor of the school’s life. Throughout history, there are several views on education and how students learn. AISS believes in a holistic approach wherein we believe that it is important to develop…

Subjects and Examinations

AISS follows the national British curriculum that is divided into four key stages.
Key Stage 1 and 2 comprise primary school levels that AISS plans to offer in the future.
Currently, AISS runs both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.
In Key Stage 3, also known as the lower secondary level…..

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of AISS. According to our Education Philosophy, CCAs are essential for learning beyond the standard classroom lessons. CCAs give the students the opportunity to interact with each other on a different level, to….

Teachers and Staff

What is a school without its teachers? Teachers are the backbone of AISS and the supporting staff takes care of all the other matters. Teachers at AISS are dedicated, supportive and care for their subjects and students. 

Timetables and Calendar

AISS follows the European timetable. The academic year starts in August and finishes in July whereafter the summer break starts. Here you can find all the timetables and the academic calendar of the academic year 2020-2021