Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do look through the FAQs and please contact us for more information.

Are you properly licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE/KPM)

We are a properly licensed international school by the Malaysian Ministry of Education

We are not a homeschool or private learning center.

When does the academic year begin?

Our academic year usually begins in late August. However, enrolment takes place throughout the year. This means that students can be accepted into the school at a most suitable time which will be advised by the admissions staff.

How many terms are there in one academic year?

There are 3 terms in one academic year

What academic calendar do you follow?

We follow the UK academic calendar.

We follow the Aug/Sept to July/Aug calendar

How many students are there per class?

There are usually 10 – 25 students in a class. 

Do your students wear uniforms?

Yes. Socks and shoes are not regulated at the moment

Do you place the child based solely on the age?

The placement of a child depends on these factors:

  • Age
  • AISS Entrance Assessment Results
  • Last academic level done (in previous school)
  • Latest academic performance done (in previous school)
  • Parents’ feedback

We will consider all these factors before placing the child in the proper level

How involved can the parents get in AISS?

AISS aspires to have a strong network with parents. We would like parents to have a clear voice in determining the direction of the school. Also, parents are encouraged to help the school organise events and activities for the benefit of the students

What about the security of students at AISS?

We have CCTVs and a security guard at the entrance.

Does the school buy insurance for the students?


Will the transition to colleges and universities be smooth?

Yes, GCE O-Level and the IGCSE are internationally recognised qualifications that students use to apply to colleges and universities.

They can enrol in any pre-university courses in colleges or a foundation programme in universities.

Are scholarships given to students?

Yes, you may apply for Academic, Sports & Games and Special Skills scholarships 

What is the enrolment process?

Admission Process


Step 1


Contact us at +603 2856 2477 or +6012 677 5777 to make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.


Step 2


Submit the application form along with all the required supporting documents.


Step 3


Send in the latest school academic report. If necessary, we will arrange an entrance assessment.


Step 4


Successful applicants will receive an offer letter.


Step 5


Make full payment of the applicable fees before the start of term upon receipt of offer letter and invoice.

Do you require my child to do an entrance assessment?

Yes, all students do the CAT4 assessment. This assessment is chargeable at the prevailing Application Fee.

Current  Application Fee: RM 250 per child

My child is finishing UPSR this year in Primary 6. Does he/she go to Year 7 or 8?

If the birthday is after 31st August, then it will be Year 7. If before 31st August, Year 8 it is. However, this is subject to a discussion with parents. 

What does the tuition fees include and exclude?


-The lessons within curriculum and 2 CCAs (from 2 different categories).



-(RM 10 – 15 per day)

-Leadership camps

-Self development programme

-Performance Day costumes and props

-Uniforms (RM 500 pa)

-Books and stationery (RM 800 pa)


Do I pay by the month, by the term or by the year?

The standard method of fees collection is by the term. Annual payment is entitled to 10% discount for the year. 

Monthly payment mode is subject to management approval. 

Are the IGCSE examination fees included in the school fees?

The IGCSE examination fees are payable to external examination boards. So the exam fees are not included in the school fees. 

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. Additional 10% for the 2nd child and additional 15% for the 3rd child and beyond. (For annual fees payment, you get a 10% off and sibling discount is also in order)

Can I pay the school fees by credit card?

Yes. You can also pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. 

Can my child attend trial classes?

Yes. Fill up the pre-application form (

Your child can attend for 2 – 3 days to a week only after they have taken the Entrance Assessment.

Are the CCAs compulsory?

The participation in CCAs are strongly encouraged

Can students join more than 2 CCAs from different categories?


How much is each additional CCA (on top of the two CCAs)?

Each additional CCA is RM 330 per term including the prevailing surcharges

Where do you go for physical activities?

We transport the students to various sports facilities depending on the activities involved

Swimming: Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya, 10476, Jalan Susur Damansara, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Soccer, Athletics: Hutan Rimba Kiara

Badminton, Futsal: TTDI Community Centre

Basketball, Volleyball: Taman Zaaba public park, BU 6 Community Hall

There will be two to three school staff accompanying the students

Are all subjects compulsory?

For lower secondary (Year 7 – 9), all subjects are compulsory. Foreigners may be exempted from the Malay language classes.
For upper secondary, English and Mathematics are compulsory

What are the minimum and maximum subjects a student can take?

For lower secondary students take a fixed number of subjects, approximately 10 – 15 subjects.
For upper secondary IGCSE, the minimum is 6 while the maximum is 10.

Do you focus on national examinations like PT3 and SPM?

No, we focus solely on the international exams. We do have the option of SPM Malay in the form of a co-curricular activity. Students may make their own arrangements to register for the national SPM if they so wish

What do you do with students who perform poorly academically?

We have a mentor-mentee system where we pair a weak student to a strong student. The mentor will meet with the mentee at least once a week and the mentee can go to the mentor for help. 

The teachers are also very approachable and accessible to students.

Who are the teaching staff?

The teaching faculty is comprised mainly of local experienced and stable teachers. We boast a very low turn-over rate of teachers. We believe that the quality and reliability of our teachers form the most important foundation of our school. 

For our foreign languages offered, German and Mandarin Chinese, we have native teachers to conduct the classes.

We are looking to expand our portfolio of foreign teachers. Currently we have Mr Daniel Arendzen (Netherlands) who teaches Global Perspectives and English. 

Do parents and students get access to the teachers, Head Teacher and upper level management?

Parents and students can email [email protected] for teaching and learning related matters.

Parents and students can email for administrative related matters.

Our estimated response time frame:

  1. i) Acknowledgement response time: 12 (working) hours or sooner
  2. ii) Update response time: 24 (working) hours or sooner

Are your teachers licensed by Cambridge?

No, we do not require licenses by Cambridge for individual teachers. Our school is licensed by Cambridge as an examination centre and one of the criteria to maintain the license is that  the teachers need to be sent for training by Cambridge. 

All our teachers need to be given teaching permits by the state education department who does the vetting. 

Describe the food arrangement.

During this pandemic, we practise a pre-packed food arrangement purchased weekly. You may have a look at a sample menu: 

Do you provide transportation to the students?

At the moment, we have independent transporters you may contact:

Rajen: 0166446606

Lau: 0126253413

Frankie: 0143348331

I am bit concerned about the school not having a soccer field or swimming pool. Aren’t sports facilities important?

To have a full fledged campus with a field and swimming pool in a prime location like TTDI is only possible with school fees north of at least RM 60,000. There are already schools with the facilities and fees nearby. 

Here at AISS, we do take them out for PE. So they are not losing out in terms of physical activities. Also, if sports is a priority for you, you can join the Sports CCA where they can do more physical activities on top of PE at suitable locations. 

So, you pay a much lower fees and your child still participates in physical education.

Do you have a computer lab?

No. Every student is required to purchase their own laptop.