Financial Literacy

AISS is working together with MoneyTree to provide financial education for our students. It is essential to understand the concept and value of money and it is important to start them young. 

According to MoneyTree’s website, ‘MoneyTree specialises in providing financial literacy lessons for school going children and youth. We have a comprehensive program that has been developed to educate and engage kids through a fun-filled interactive program that brings the lessons to life.

Knowledge to make money

Managing Money is a much needed skill that is lacking and not taught in most schools. We teach kids the value of money and progress towards teaching them how to manage and grow the money they have.

Good money habits

Learning to have a long term perspective on money is important for one to build their financial security. We use activities to help kids understand  and develop important money habits like saving, budgeting and investing.

Peer influence defense

Judith Rich Harris, an American psychologist, said a child’s behaviour is more influenced by the company they keep than by their parents. Our lessons focus on helping kids make better money decisions basing on set goals and  how to avoid peer influence.’