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IGCSE Oct – Nov 2020 Results Summary

2020 was not an easy year for international school exam candidates. The cancellation of the May June exam sitting by major UK exam boards due to a pandemic was unprecendented.

Some students decided to go for the predicted grades in May June 2020, while many took their chances and postponed their exams to Oct Nov 2020.

The gamble paid off and the Oct Nov 2020 exams were carried out despite rising global Covid cases.

Despite the severe disruption brought on by the pandemic, the students of AISS have performed very well in the October November 2020 exam series.

A total of 14 students sat for the Oct Nov 2020 exams across 13 Subjects with a total of 76 subjects.

Here is the summary:

A – A* = 63% of the papers

B – A* = 88% of the papers

C – A* = 97% of the papers

Congratulations to our students for overcoming the odds.

How did they do it?

i) Students’ effort, commitment and versatility

ii) Parents’ encouragement and support

iii) Teachers’ guidance and dedication

iv) AISS’ exam preparation regimen

This means that students need not be subject to the circumstances of Covid-19, but with the right system in place, they can still achieve outstanding results.

Congratulations once again and all the best in your future endeavours!

Towards Better Things!