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AISS offers a progressive and innovative learning experience at reasonable school fees. Join us now on this aspirational learning adventure. Towards better things!


On this page, you will find all information about AISS. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

AISS At a Glance

AISS recognises the fast-changing demands of modern society and the ever-evolving marketplace. In addition to academic qualifications, there is a need for creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership, and character. Here, we aim….

Purpose & Value Statement

Mission Statement:

To inspire and educate global citizens who will add worth at their stations.



Responsible and relevant education for everyone.



  • To help students realise their true potential and passion

Core Values:

  • Quality Education – Providing the best education with reasonable fees
  • Character Building – Instilling good values and virtues in students
  • Community and Citizenship – Developing a sense of responsibility and contribution to society
  • Teacher support – Creating a positive environment for teachers to thrive

Head Teacher's Message

Aspiration International is a school born out of relevance. Increasingly aware of the inevitable change brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we, at Aspiration International School, embrace….


In Latin, Ad Meliora simply means Towards Better Things. It is normally used as part of a longer phrase ad meliora et ad maiora semper. The phrase is translated like “always”(semper), “towards better things” (ad meliora) and “towards bigger things” (ad maiora). This….

Message from the Board of Governors

Dear parents, students and friends,

          Thank you for joining us at the start of an exciting journey. My team of governors aims to steer this brand new international school towards greater heights. Although the school is new… 

AISS and Covid-19

Covid-19 is raging all over the globe. Many people are affected and there isn’t any person alive who doesn’t feel any consequence from the pandemic. 

In Malaysia all the schools…