In AISS, we have the mentoring programme where there is peer-to-peer tutoring.

Students who are finding difficulty in some subjects are carefully matched with other students who can provide the academic support.

We started off Term 3 ONSITE and went into MCO after only a few days of onsite schooling.

The mentors and mentees met online for tutoring sessions.

The mentors were given the target of conducting 5 hours of mentoring sessions.

Mentors that have completed the target:

1) Evan Au-Yong Year 9 Affection

2) Choo Jing Suen Year 10

3) Claire Foo Year 10

4) Russell Tan Year 9 Strength

5) Choo Jing Yahh Year 9 Strength

They will be getting certificates and badges and stand to be awarded with gift vouchers.

On top of conducting the sessions, both the mentors and mentees were challenged to drive up the mentees’ grades.

The pairs who are successful will be awarded gift vouchers.

Here is the list of mentees who improved their grades 🎉

Mentee – Subject (Mentor)

Mentees who improved their grades in Term 3, 2020/2021:

1) Siew Kye Jern – Biology& Physics (Claire)

2) Goh Jia Jun – Math, Chemistry & Physics (Claire)

3) Celine Khoo – Chemistry & Biology (Evan)

4) Mabel Wong – Chemistry & Physics (Jing Suen)

5) Anna Kam – Math & Chemistry (Jing Yahh)

6) Tan Kayelyn – Math & Biology (Jing Yahh)

7) Ng Shyh Kheng – Physics (Russell Tan)

Good job and well done!

Thank you