School2Me Apps

School Community App And System For Education Centers

School2Me is an mobile application that keep parents, students and staff up-to-date on all relevant information such as latest news, attendance, schedules, homework, performance, etc. via web browser and mobile phone. Other functions such as:
  • Improve tracking of data and status of external processes such as billing, student registration, enquiries, orders etc.
  • Improve external processes such as payment or registration processes via online/mobile submission and tracking of data.
  • Manage internal processes such as staff attendance, claims/expenses, payslip generation, stock management etc. in digital form.
  • Notification – School Announcements 
  • Attendance
  • Reports –  Report Cards
  • Lessons – Lesson Materials & Resources and Zoom links (Year 10 – 11 only)
  • Assignments – Assigned work from the teachers (Year 10 – 11 only)
  • Payment – Billing information
School2Me – App for Students and Parents.
Students and parents can search for “School2me” in Google Play Store, Apple AppStore or Huawei App Gallery to download this app.
Student or parents’ mobile phone numbers must be registered in the system by the school administrator.
Click here to download the parent/student brochure in