Many people ask us: You have no sports facilities. How do you do Sports?

Our response:

Airbnb does not own any properties and ride-hailing companies usually do not own the fleet of vehicles either.

We do not own any sports facilities, but that does not mean our students don’t do sports.

In fact, we prioritise physical education and sports in AISS.

Students get 3 periods of PE per week and they have several sports CCAs to choose from.

We provide transportation to nearby sport facilities and a swimming facility in PAUM.

In the heart of TTDI, where AISS is located, owning our own  sports facilities will result in extraordinary high fees.

We made the deliberate choice to have a boutique school, with close and individual attention to each single student, and to have sports at nearby facilities to provide parents with reasonable fees. 


Here is our sports day video! Enjoy!

Sport + MCO = AISS

Even during the MCO, we organized a competition among students which was an extension of their sports day.

Sports Month Captive Overcomers (MCO)
20th April – 31st May 2020

AISS conducted a sports event dubbed the Sports MCO for its students amidst the MCO where Houses SNOKE, LEIA, KENOBI AND YODA battled it out physically.
At the end of the Sports MCO, House YODA rose victorious.

YODA: 313 marks
KENOBI: 213 marks
LEIA: 171 marks
SNOKE: 161 marks

Sport MCO Pass Challenge

Red House – Yoda

Blue House – Kenobi

Yellow House – Leia

Green House – Snoke

How many schools with full fledged sports facilities did the same during the MCO?

We believe sport education is not about the building and facilities per se. It is about the will of the school that matters most. At AISS we have that will and commitment to give Physical Education and sports the priority it deserves.

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