Student Awards | Year 9 Affection | Term 2, 2020/2021

Here are the student awards for Term 2, 2020/2021 (January – April).

For the most part of Term 2, the lessons were online.

AISS inculcates good online (and onsite) learning practices in students so they can thrive in the new normal.

These awards are to acknowledge the students with good practices and encourage other students to move in the right direction.

Here are the awards:

1) Best Greeter: This student greets the teachers even during online classes. He/she is polite, courteous and respectful to the teachers.

(The usage of the word ‘greeter’ here does not follow the meaning found in dictionaries)

2) Best Camera Angle: This student always positions the face in full view of the camera as it is the respectful thing to do during online lessons. This student also takes good care to look proper for every class. Definite a good practice in the new normal

3) Best Responsive Student: This student always speaks up and gives a response whenever one is required. He/she also gives opportunities to others to respond and contributes to a healthy learning atmosphere

4) Best Work Ethics: This student hands in high quality work in class and out of class.  He/she always hands in the work on time and never misses even though he/she is absent.

Congratulations to these students for developing good practices.

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