Subjects & Examinations

Lower Secondary Subjects

AISS follows the national British curriculum that is divided into four key stages.
Key Stage 1 and 2 comprise primary school levels that AISS plans to offer in the future.
Currently, AISS runs both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.
In Key Stage 3, also known as the lower secondary level, students are placed into Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 respectively where they learn a broad range of subjects and skills.

Down below are the subjects listed for the lower secondary level. 

AISS is one of the few schools offering this unique subject in which learners are learning skills they can use for the rest of their lives. They will address and learn how to learn using big global topics seen from a Global, Local and Individual Perspective. A must have subject before tertiary eduation!

English is a vital language. It is the main language of AISS, and also in further education and later in life it is extremely important to have mastered this language. The lessons are interactive with a solid focus on all the aspects – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

In AISS music, we do not only focus on studies, but we also focus on the art of it. Students of AISS gets to play some music instruments, learn the general knowledge of all types of music, as well as expressing themselves through music! By attending AISS’ music class, students will definitely have a different perspective on music.

Upper Secondary Subjects

From KS3 students move on to KS4. In Key Stage 4, students progress to Year 10 where they select a combination of subjects to specialize in, and eventually prepare themselves for the IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11.

In Year 10 everyone will move on with English as a First Language, however, in Year 11 there will be a division between English as a First and Second Language. When English isn’t their main language, the English as a Second Language is the solution. Even if they take the latter, it doesn’t have consequences for further studies.

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The students learn economic terminology and theories. The syllabus includes the forces of demand and supply, consumers and producers decisions, the government intervention as well as the growth of globalisation. The students learn to apply their knowledge to current economic issues. They also learn to distinguish between a fact and value judgement in economic issues. This skill can be applied to everyday life. The ability to identify relevant and reliable data is important in this age where information is abundant and our young adults should learn to make an informed decision.

After a thorough introduction to the basic ways of doing GP, it is getting more serious in the upper primary part. Here they will develop their research and analytical skills to prepare themselves for several investigations in huge topics that affect us all. 


We offer a combination of examination papers from Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearson Edexcel. Our experienced teachers and learning regimen prepare our students to excel.