What is a school without its teachers? Teachers are the backbone of AISS and the supporting staff takes care of all the other matters. Teachers at AISS are dedicated, supportive and care for their subjects and students.


Malay Teacher

  • Bachelor in Science (Mathematics), Anna University
  • Taught Math, Science and Malay in Sekolah Sri Bestari
  • 17 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

Ms Bhuvana always had a passion for teaching and helping children, so she decided to choose this line as a teacher.


English Teacher

  • Diploma in TESOL (Grade A), London Teacher Training College (LTTC) via Brickfields Asia College (BAC)
  • Honors Degree in Computer Science, University Sains Malaysia (USM) via Stamford College
  • Masters Degree in Education (Education Management), Open University Malaysia
  • Taught as an English Language Teacher in ELS Malaysia
  • 14 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

Ms Frauline became a teacher by accident – being unable to find a teacher for a class in an English language centre she was managing, she taught the class herself and that’s how she discovered that she loved teaching.


English Teacher

  • Diploma in English, Bachelor of Arts ( English Language) from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  • 1.5 years of teaching experience

Suveera’s passion has always been to impart knowledge to students by understanding each of their learning pace. Tutoring for almost 1.5 years has blessed her with the experience and reaffirmed her calling. She plans to interact and support students with a range of abilities in their lessons and activities.


English Literature & Drama Teacher

  • Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Malaya
  • Taught English Literature as a private tutor
  • 2 years of teaching experience in total

Her favorite part of being a teacher in AISS is that the students keep her on her toes. Ms Qyshalini loves the students because they are a lovable bunch.


English and Global Perspective Teacher

  • Master of Science, University of London
  • 9 years of teaching experience in total
  • Coming from Netherlands, involved in education since 2006 and has been teaching ever since. He has been teaching in Europe, the USA, Africa and now in Malaysia. He embraces all differences humanity has to give, and that there is more that unites than divides us as human beings. He holds this life-lesson dear and takes with him wherever he goes.

Mr Daniel truly appreciates the open and transparent atmosphere here at this school. He also loves the school because the school has a new facility, which is easy to reach as well.


English Reading, Grammar & Humanities Teacher

  • Graduated from Davies College, UK
  • Worked in Fairview International School as a coordinator
  • 37 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

Ms Lim loves to influence children with the right attitude, to make them do better. That is why Ms Lim enjoys teaching in AISS.


History  and Geography Teacher

  • Bachelor of Education (HONOURS) – TESL, Management and Science University
  • 5 years of teaching experienced in total

Ms Pushpa loves teaching History and Geography subjects in AISS. Especially project-based learning, case studies, analysis on primary and secondary sources.


Accounting  &    Economics  Teacher

  • Bachelor of Commerce (HONS) Accounting, UTAR
  • 10 years of teaching experience in total

After a few years in the corporate sector,  Ms Tan  became a teacher to regenerate  and revisit her passion for teaching.


Math, Accounting, & Economics Teacher

  • Degree in Accounting & Finance, University of Malaya
  • Taught Math and Accounting in Fairview International School
  • 20 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

After graduating from university, Ms Lem was advised to work as a teacher while she was in the midst of job hunting, which had brought her to where she is today.


Science Teacher

  • Bachelor of Science with Honors (Conservation Biology), University of Malaysia, Sabah
  • Taught Primary Science , Biology (year 7-8), Chemistry (year 7), Physics (year 7-9) in Alnoor International School
  • 4 years of teaching experience in total

Before Aspiration, Ms Mainurain worked as a part-time tutor. Then she discovered that she had a passion for teaching, so she went on to be a full-time teacher.


Physics Teacher

  • Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nottingham, England
  • Taught Pre-IGCSE Physics and Chemistry in Milebridge High
  • 12 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

After being encouraged by his friends to take up part-time tutoring during college, Mr Jayadass eventually became a full time tutor.

Ms Sara Broadley


Chemistry Teacher

  • BSc Chemistry, University of Bath, UK
  • Private Art Tutor, Arts Programme coordinator and Social Media Marketing for The Godown KL, Freelance Photographer and Artist

Ms Sara’s favourite part about being a teacher is having a positive impact on young learners’ growth and development by helping students reach their full potential. Being a teacher allows her to share her passion for Chemistry and grants her the opportunity to spark students’ interest in the world of science.


Math & Additional Math Teacher

  • Degree in Mathematics, University of Malaya
  • Taught as a freelance tutor
  • 10 years of teaching experience in total

What Ms Yin likes about this school is that the teachers can freely experiment with various teaching methods and choose what’s best for the students.


Mathematics & Global Perspectives Teacher

  • BSc Business Administration in International Business & Finance, San Francisco State University Masters in Educational Leadership and Management (in progress), University of Nottingham
  • 5 years of teaching experience

Mr. Isaac had developed a reputation of being a kind, caring and passionate educator. He had demonstrated an admirable diligence in teaching Mathematics. A self-starter and a person brimming with innovative ideas, Mr. Isaac had been trusted as Head of Department and Vice Principal.


Mathematics Teacher

  • Bachelor of Arts, Wilfred Laurier University Canada
  • 28 years of teaching experience

Ms Julie Koh is a teacher of over 20 years. She started teaching IGCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics from 2010. Since 2018, she has also been asked to conduct seminars and intensive revision classes for IGCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for students of all capabilities.

ICT Teacher

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, City University College

  • 14 years of teaching in total including outside of AISS
  • Have been employed at several secondary schools in Selangor and Malaysia across all year groups.

Learning is his favorite thing about teaching and sharing the experience of learning and ensuring students become self-directed learners.


Diploma in Illustration, The One Academy

  • BA (First Class Honours) Visual Communications – Illustration, Birmingham City University, England
  • Taught Life drawing, painting, figure studies, & creative thinking in The One Academy a tutor
  • 4 years of teaching experience in Aspiration International Secondary School and other institutions

Ms Ng has a strong passion for art. Since childhood, she has believed that Malaysian children should have more exposure to different types of art and expand their minds.


Music Teacher

  • Degree in Music, University of Malaya
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • Emerged as Champion and Most Popular Song Award, the 14th Chinese Song Writing Competition Intervarsity, Singer, UM, April 2019.
  • Achieved Gold in International Choir Competition, the 16th Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod, KLPAC, Nov 2018.
  • Composing a Song ‘Let’s Drive to the Future’, Graduation Song of Pintar College 10th Graduation Ceremony, September 2017.

Ms Carmen tutored vocal lessons ever since she was in university, and it became her passion. Her favorite part of being a teacher in AISS is the positive culture of the school.


Teacher Assistant

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education (Hons.) Chemistry, MARA University of Technology Malaysia, UiTM
  • 1 year of teaching experience
  • During Syafiqah’s second year of university, she challenged herself to be a part-time tutor and she enjoyed delivering and sharing new knowledge to the students. This coupled with her formal training confirmed her passion to be an educator.

A very passionate person towards education and aiming to be a versatile educator in line with current education needs to ensure every student enjoys the learning process in and out of the classroom.


Physical Educator

  • BSc Degree in Physical Education & Coaching, Semmelweis University (TF), faculty of physical education and sport science, Budapest, Hungary
  • Worked as a Head of PE in Beaconhouse Sri Inai International school officer
  • 7 years of teaching experience in total

“There are NO untrainable child in sports, just untapped potential. Physical education is a subject that makes kids explore their strength in variations of sports and though they will face obstacles, overcoming them will result in life-long lessons and soft-skills kept close to their hearts.”