To join our fantastic school where we will take care of you in your academic and personal development.

We are the typical boutique school where you won’t get drowned in between thousands of students. We give you the perfect foundation in subjects in the lower secondary classes and you have the freedom to choose your own set of IGCSE subjects once you hit Year 10! Or you can follow teachers’ recommendations.

We want you to be a part of our family, of our classes, of our culture and of all our co-curricular activities that teaches you new and exciting skills!
Do you like debating? Great! We have the Model United Nations!
Are you concerned about food supply in the future? No worries! We have our own urban farm!
Do you want to brush up your presentations? Awesome! Join our Public Speaking activities!
And the list is much longer than we can write here.

What’s more – we are a part of this community. That means we also give back to the community with various actions that benefit the community.

Now we are going to make it even more exciting with something AISS never has done before!
AISS is offering a chance for all new applicants for January 2021 to win either a TV, a laptop or a smartphone to further reward your admission process.

Call 0126775777 now to make an exclusive appointment.

Win big with simple steps:
1. Complete the online application form
2. Complete the payments
Term payment: 1 entry
Annual payment: 2 entries

The campaign period is up to 2nd January 2021. So what are you waiting for? Complete your registration now!

Fill up this form and we will get in touch with you or complete the full online registration form

Ask your question here!

January Enrolment is open!

Are you looking to switch your child to the English medium of instruction?

Try out our classes for FREE.
Fill up this form ( and we will get in touch with you to invite your child to join our classes.

Contact us with any additional questions:
Hotline: 012 677 5777
We are looking forward to meeting you at AISS!

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