Message from the Board of Governors

Dear parents, students and friends,

Thank you for joining us at the start of an exciting journey. My team of governors aims to steer this brand new international school towards greater heights. Although the school is new, the governors are not new to the education scene. We carry with us a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience which I am sure will enable the school to inspire and educate global citizens who will add worth at their stations. We plan to achieve this by offering a no-frills holistic and responsible education at reasonable fees.

Thank you for your trust and entering into a tripartite relationship with us – School and Parents and Students.

Towards Better Things!

Mr Oon Eu Jin
(Educator of 20 years)

Dr. Thamil Selvi Velayutham
(Senior Lecturer, University Malaya)

En. Mas Mahathir Mohammad
(Principal Trainer)

Toh Bu Khim
(Business Professional in Commercial and Marketing Management)

Mr. Rajendran Samuel Devaraj
(Trainer & Educator of 30 years)