Head of Secondary School’s Message

Ms Frauline Fernando
IB DP Coordinator

Aspiration International is a school born out of relevance. Increasingly aware of the inevitable change brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we, at Aspiration International School, embrace the indisputable fact that technology-infused teaching methods are the way forward.

Our students are encouraged to take on various responsibilities, think out of the box, question practices that are not in line with their values, safeguard the environment and come up with creative solutions to everyday problems while keeping abreast with the realities of life through contribution towards meaningful causes.

Motivated and guided by a team of highly qualified, passionate and dedicated teachers, our students achieve outstanding academic success without compromising ethical, moral and spiritual growth, receiving a truly holistic education that is of great value at fairly affordable rates.

The amicable and open nature of communication between the students, teachers, staff and parents of Aspiration International School results in an extraordinary alliance which makes us an effective team in ensuring our mission, ‘to inspire and to educate global citizens who will add worth at their stations’ is realised.

The warm and positive culture in Aspiration International School with its conducive teaching and learning environment is inspiring to students who walk through our doors, seeking the opportunity to realise their true potential and discover their passion through rich and rewarding experiences our school constantly offers.

To all who are undertaking this amazing educational journey with us, welcome to Aspiration International School!