Being the first letter of the school and its motto, the “A” has a very special meaning to all of us. Yes, of course, we will strive to push our students to get A’s in their examinations but life is so much more than good academic results.

Moving towards the bottom of the letter A, the legs branch out and widen. This means a solid foundation is important and no individual can stand alone. No man is an island and learning teamwork and working with others is essential to success.

Moving up, the horizontal line connecting the slanting lines amplifies the importance of inter- connectivity and relationships. Healthy family ties, good interpersonal skills and a strong network are pivotal to success.

With a strong foundation and healthy inter-connectedness, the individual can rise to the top, like the top of the letter A, to the pinnacle of the mountain of life.

The head and the mechanical gears symbolise the mind of the individual. All actions start with the mind. Here, we aim to develop and educate the mind which houses knowledge, wisdom, attitude and character of the individual.

Areas of Development:

  • Critical Thinking and Intelligences
  • Entrepreneurial and Technological Prowess
  • Creativity and the Performing Arts

The globe reminds the students that we are citizens of the same planet and we all share the same home. They need to be global citizens by keeping themselves updated about global affairs and taking actions to protect our planet

Areas of Development:

  • Social and Interpersonal Skills
  • Global Citizenship

The flame represents the passion we wish to instill in each student. We want them to be passionate about lifelong learning and their dreams. Also, to be passionate about what is right and wrong.

Areas of Development:

Emotion and Ethics

The Malayan tiger which is the national animal of Malaysia symbolises bravery, resilience and physical fitness. These are the qualities we are committed to developing throughout the Aspiration family.

Areas of Development:

  • Physical and Health Education

Leadership Skills


In Latin, Ad Meliora simply means Towards Better Things. It is normally used as part of a longer phrase ad meliora et ad maiora semper. The phrase is translated like “always”(semper), “towards better things” (ad meliora) and “towards bigger things” (ad maiora). This encapsulates the spirit of our school. To always strive towards greater dreams. To have the spirit of excellence in every aspect of the school culture and beyond.