Head of Primary School’s Message

Mr Andrew Webber

In a few short years Aspirasi Edujourney now become Aspiration International Primary School (AIPS) has acquired a reputation of being forward thinking in its approach to ensuring students are fully prepared for the demands of the twenty-first-century.

This is crucially important in today’s world of artificial intelligence, robotics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. You have to prepare the future generation for uncertainty and promote agility and adaptability. We need to completely reimagine education. Instead of learning to memorize facts and figures, students need to “learn how to learn” and how to solve problems. Students need to be allowed to learn independently and encouraged to be lifelong learners.

Twenty-first-century learning means that students must master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from a wide variety of subjects and sources with an understanding of and respect for diverse cultures. Students still must demonstrate the ‘three Rs’, but also the ‘three Cs’: creativity, communication, and collaboration. They must demonstrate digital literacy as well as civic responsibility. They must be globally aware and be prepared to play their part as global citizens.

This requires a reorientation all the way from primary, secondary to university education. It means encouraging flexibility rather than specialization. It requires training and retraining of teachers, as well as redesigning education systems and curricula.

With this in mind, Aspiration International Primary School will be taking the step to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) school. As a passionate IB educator, I am excited to be working with Aspiration’s teachers, students and parents to ensure the school’s success in this new journey.