AISS – Fee Structure


Starts from

RM 2250
  • Normal Price
  • - - - RM 2500.00 per month - - -
  • - - - RM 10000.00 per term - - -
  • Inclusive of 2 CCAs
  • Starts in September
  • Siblings Discount applies
10% off
Pay Annually

Value for your Money

Whether you are new to international schools, or whether you are choosing a new school for your child, a change is always a big step. Furthermore, choosing an international school comes with a substantial price tag as well.

Down below we introduce 18 reasons why Aspiration International Secondary School has the best value for your money and why your child will thrive.

Tuition Fees Lower Secondary

Year 7

  • RM 10,000 per term
  • RM 30,000 per year

Year 8

  • RM 10,800 per term
  • RM 32,400 per year

Year 9

  • RM 11,500 per term
  • RM 34,500 per year

Tuition Fees Upper Secondary

Year 10

  • RM 12,000 per term
  • RM 36,000 per year

Year 11

  • RM 12,800 per term
  • RM 38,400 per year


Annual Payments

  • Qualify for a 10% discount on the yearly tuition fee

Sibling Discount

  • Student’s 1st sibling: 10% off
  • Student’s 2nd sibling onwards: 15% off

General Fees

Other Fees

(approximate & subject to change)

Remarks / T&C

  • The above fees DO NOT include food, school uniform, books, laptop and excursions and external examination fees.
  • All the information provided in this Fee Schedule is correct at the time of printing and the school reserves the right to review the fees without prior notification.
  • Inclusive of 2 CCAs from 2 different categories.
  • The yearly fees are based on three (3) terms but Year 11 consists of two (2) terms only.
  • The Promotion Fee is based on a Year 7 student, who pays per year, after the 10% discount.

Payment Methods

Please make the payment at our accounts office.

Please make cheques to “Aspiration Education Services Sdn Bhd”.

Please email the payment receipt as proof of payment.

Bank Account Details

Account Number

564801654229 (Maybank)

Beneficiary Name

Aspiration Education Services Sdn Bhd

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