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AISS IGCSE Mock Exam for June 2022 seating
Experience real exam conditions!

We want to invite you to come to take the mock exams with AISS from 28th February to 11th April 2022.

Here are the reasons why you should take the mock exams:
1) Experience real exam conditions
The mocks will be carried out in strict and exact exam conditions so that the candidates will know what to expect on the actual days.

2) Know where you truly stand in the syllabus
It is healthy to get yourself assessed by an external third party to verify your preparedness.
If your results are good, you know you are well-prepared.
If not, there is still time to take measures to correct your path.

3) Use the mocks as evidence in case of predicted grades
The situation is very volatile.
In the event that the exams are cancelled or the candidates under serious unfortunate reason(s) cannot make it to take the exam,
the mock exam results may serve as evidence for grades.


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