18 Reasons To Choose
Aspiration International School

Whether you are new to international schools,
or whether you are choosing a new school for your child, a change is always a big step.

Furthermore, choosing an international school comes with a substantial price tag as well.

Down below we introduce 18 reasons why Aspiration International School has the best value
for your money and why your child will thrive.

AIS boasts a low teacher turnover which brings stability to the learning experience. Change of teachers are known to be very disruptive and stress inducing to the students. This means that interruption to learning patterns is kept to a minimal. The faculty comprises mainly of experienced teachers with more than 8 – 10 years of teaching experience. The school’s teacher management system strives to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere for the teachers so they can in turn give back to the students. It is not uncommon to hear parents sharing about how dedicated the teachers of AIS are.

It is not easy to find an international school in a great location with reasonable fees. Look no further than AIS. AIS aims to make sound education affordable to the masses, by minimizing on the frills and getting back to basics.

Aspiration International Primary School, located in Plaza Damansara Utama (PDU), PJ and Aspiration International Secondary School, located in TTDI, is a fully accredited school by the Ministry of Education charging very competitive fees while assuring your child a sound and well-rounded dynamic education. This is why many parents choose AIS.

On top of reasonable fees, many parents are looking for a sound education at fixed fees because they want predictability. This means that the moment the child is signed on, he/she will ride on a fixed fee schedule all the way until the end of Year 11. This way, parents know what they are getting into. AIS commits to honour the fees structure despite moving through turbulent times brought on by the pandemic. So, the parents can send their children for a private international secondary education with peace of mind and security.

The selection of subjects is well thought out and several subjects are overlapping each other within the same theme. Thus, students learn about the same theme from different angles to get a firm understanding all the way up to the IGCSE examinations.

AIS offers the British Curriculum that ends in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This is a world-wide recognized standard and this gives your child an advanced start in tertiary education, anywhere in the world.

Aspiration International School is a licensed school by the Ministry of Education, which means the school lives up to the highest standards in their quality of education. Furthermore, all of the teachers have their teacher’s license from the Ministry of Education as well.

Not everyone is equally good at all subjects. Therefore, we implemented a ‘mentoring system’ in which peer-to-peer learning takes place at designated times. When problems still persists, the teachers are always there to assist in the child’s learning.

At AIS we have an open and inclusive culture where we try to take care of each other. We value how we represent the school in our uniforms, in our general behaviour and our behaviour online. The atmosphere is open and welcoming where problems can be talked about and solved.

This is the time to learn how to build, and maintain, good friendships for life! We encourage building friendships and guide the learners where needed.

AIS isn’t just a school where there is a big distance between the teachers and the learners. We are, teachers are very approachable and it is not uncommon to see the teachers mingling with the students. In AIS, we strive towards a healthy relationship between the school management, teachers, parents and students. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes. In that sense we are the AIS family!

At AIS we recognize that not everyone is the same. We all come from different backgrounds and face different challenges both academically and personally. We encourage individual attention to ensure that any difficulties can be overcome to let the learners get the maximum out of their education.

AIS believes that the learner is responsible for their own learning. We encourage the learners to actively take part in the lessons and to take leadership in their own learning. The teachers does all s/he can to make learning possible.

Being a daily affair, it is important to many parents for their children’s school-travelling-time to be reduced. The MRT station is less than 1km away which makes AIS easily accessibly from anywhere in the Klang Valley. Being touted as one of the best places to live in the Klang Valley, TTDI’s strategic location is almost second to none. There are amazing amenities around the school to occupy the parents while they wait for their children. This means that instead of sitting and waiting in the car, parents can get food, coffee, banking, groceries and even haircuts done within walking distance. Students also stop at Family Mart and MacDonald’s before or after school to grab their favourite snacks.

[Banks: Maybank, RHB, Ambank, Affin Bank, Bank Islam]

[F&B: McDonald’s, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Subway, KFC, Family Mart, CU Mart, etc.]

AIS believes that students need much more than academic excellence to thrive in the future marketplace. To future-proof our students, this is where our CCAs play a crucial part in the overall development of our students. AISS boasts a high CCA to student ratio of 1 CCA to 8 students. That is how committed AISS is to advance students in areas such technology, soft skills, intellectual skills, creativity, leadership and the list goes on. In AISS, students are spoilt for choice given the broad selection of our pandemic-friendly CCAs.


This is the list of CCAs that AISS offers:


Category One: Languages

1. Mandarin Chinese Intermediate

2. German Language

3. SPM Malay


Category Two: Special Skills

1. Model United Nations

2. Public Speaking

3. Debate Club


Category Three: Academic

1. TIR40: Coding

2. Math Olympiad

3. TIR40: Robotics


Category Four: The Arts

1. Music

2. Art & Design

3. Magic

4. TIR40: 3D Modelling


Category Five: Sports & Games

1. Chess


In AISS, students are spoilt for choice given the broad selection of our pandemic-friendly CCAs.

Money always is a sensitive topic. Earning money is exciting, however, how do you get the most out of your hard-earned money and that you can overcome financial obstacles? To answer these questions we are partnering with MoneyTree’s financial literacy program to teach the learners exactly that, in the most exciting way possible!

AIS is not an island in an ocean where life is nothing else but perfect. AIS is a part of the local community and we take pride in giving our resources to give a helping hand to the ones who need it. We actively take part in food distribution for the disadvantaged, we clean up parks, we contribute at schools who need an extra hand, and the list can go on.

When it comes to cleaning up, ‘The rubbish might not be mine, but this is my school/community/country, so let’s take good care of it’!

Who can’t agree with that?

What is a school without a healthy relationship with the parents? AIS invites all parents to be part of the family. There are several events, such as a parents-teachers coffee table. There, on a monthly basis, the school and parents sit together and talk about ongoing events and contributions.

That results in a put lock, organised by the parents, at the latest Sports Day, parents’ involvement in our community service and termly meetings with the teachers to discuss the progress of the children.

Performing Arts plays a significant part of AIS life as well. There are several performances throughout the year. One of them is the performance during the sports day, in which the houses organise their own performance. That can be a play, a dance or even both!

This can be considered as a ‘warming-up’ for the Year’s End performance at the graduation day where the whole school is involved in creating the biggest show ever!

Creating performances teaches the learners how to cooperate, work together as a unity, it bonds the learners together and they feel pride on their results!