Student Life

"Being a kid is arguably one of the best parts of life. Everything seems to be so interesting—even learning and studying. Nothing seems to be wrong, and all you have to do is enjoy life at its fullest." - Anonymous

Student Life

The Language of AISS

We want students to embrace the meaning of each word above as these words represent the Language of AISS that forms the culture of our School.

The Language of AISS is displayed in each classroom and we hope it will serve as a reminder and be a guiding light for every student and teacher so that the culture of our School is continuously strengthened through our words and deeds.

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Academic Achievements

AISS recognizes the fast-changing demands of modern society and the ever-evolving marketplace. Here, we aim to prepare the workforce of the future by laying a solid foundation of holistic secondary education. Curricular learning plus so much more.

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Sports & Games

Achieving and maintaining good health through positive physical activities and nutrition. Health is wealth and happiness. To understand that the body is connected to the mind.

School Sports Team

Dedicated to introducing you to our talented athletes, their achievements, and our commitment to fostering a love for sports.

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School Gallery

Our school gallery is a compilation of the best moments captured by our students over the years. It is a place where we can all come together and share in the pride of Aspiration International School.

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