School Societies

Be A Part of the Student Leaders,
Be A Part of the School Societies.

At Aspiration International School, we believe in fostering a vibrant and inclusive school community through our diverse range of school societies. These societies provide platforms for students to engage, express themselves, and make a positive impact within the school and beyond.

Student Council


To promote the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the board, parents and teachers.

Functions of the AISS Student Council :-

  • To enhance communication between students, management, staff and parents
  • To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development
  • To promote friendship and respect among pupils
  • To support the management and staff in the development of the school
  • To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them

The school wishes the Student Council members all the best in their undertakings!



Newsletter Society known as “The Aspirant” is responsible for creating and publishing our school newsletter, which serves as a platform for students to showcase their talents and achievements.

Members of this society gain valuable experience in journalism, writing, graphic design, and teamwork as they gather news, write articles, and design the newsletter.

Through this society, students develop communication skills and contribute to keeping the school community informed and connected.



Librarian Society plays a crucial role in promoting a love for reading and supporting the school library.

Members assist in organizing library resources, recommending books, and creating a welcoming environment for students to explore and discover the joys of reading. 

This society also organizes literary events, book clubs, and reading challenges to encourage a culture of literacy among students.

Performing Arts


Performing Arts Society is dedicated to nurturing and showcasing students’ talents in music, dance, and drama.

Members have the opportunity to participate in various performances, such as musical productions, concerts, and dance showcases. Through rehearsals, workshops, and collaborations, students develop their artistic abilities, stage presence, and teamwork skills.

The Performing Arts Society provides a platform for students to express themselves creatively and pursue their passion for the arts.

Chinese Society


Chinese Society celebrates the rich Chinese cultural heritage and language. Through cultural activities, language lessons, and festive celebrations, this society aims to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

Members have the opportunity to learn Chinese calligraphy, traditional arts and participate in cultural performances.

The Chinese Society fosters cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

What do you get by joining the societies?


Certificate of Participation


You get to develop your leadership skills, mature and have loads of fun!

Join Us Now

We invite you to join the school societies if you have read, understood and agreed to the information above.

Write to using the guide below:

  • Which society would you like to join
  • Why you want to join the society
  • What do you hope to contribute to the society
  • Any other relevant points